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YESWEAD is a collaborative advertising creativity marketplace which establishes a virtual field where we help clients to find the best creative talent for their projects as well as helping creative talent to find the jobs that meet their expectations, abilities and expected income
It's very simple:
  • A project is created indicating the work required.
  • Creatives, designers and professionals interested in the project send their proposals.
  • The client picks a project or a creative to carry out the project and accepts his/her proposal.
  • In that same moment, royalties are paid to YESWEAD to reveal contact information and the job can be done.
  • Together they develop the required task exchanging all the necessary material, messages or files, through the platform. This way, YESWEAD can perform a complete monitoring of the process, ensuring both parties comply with their role.
  • Once the professional delivers the work, the client pays so the project is completed and each one receives their corresponding rating.
    Simple, reliable, safe.
  • Projects involving advertising creativity, design, planification, strategies, and production among others can be published, either as a creative contest or as project tendering.

    "Creative contest" examples
    General creative concept (INDIVIDUAL PIECE OR CAMPAIGN)
    TV ad creativity
    Radio ad creativity
    Graphic (Magazine and newspaper) creativity
    Outdoor creativity (OOH)
    Other creative or advertising jobs
    Corporate sationery design
    Corporate identity design
    Brochure design
    Product packaging (Package / box) Design
    Product Packaging (Label) design
    POP material design
    Corporate signalization design
    Book/CD cover design
    Editorial design: books / magazines / newspapers
    Editorial design for COMPANIES: house organ / Memory and balance
    Design for application on clothes and products
    Animated films and cartoons
    Other kinds of art and illustration
    Web page design
    Landing page design
    Icon or button design
    Microsite design
    Banner design
    Mobile app design
    "Project tendering" examples
    Brand book design and set up
    Stand design
    Art for licenses' book design
    Image touch up / Photoshop
    Other kinds of art and illustration
    Flash design
    Blog design
    Online game design
    Animation / 3D
    3D Rendering
    Multimedia presentations
    Online / tutorial video creation / production
    Presentation video creation / design
    Press actions and PR
    Market studies
    Media planning
    Product advertising / BTL /
    VP and field action advertising
    Discoutns and rewards advertising
    Sports / tourism marketing
    Sponsorship y Big Events
    Internal communication
    Search engine optimization and marketing (SEO/SEM)
    Online marketing campaign
    Interactive campaigns
    Email marketing action
    Viral marketing
    Web traffic strategy
    Facebook / fans campaign design
    Twitter / Followers campaign design
    Other social networks action
    Mobile advertising campaign
    Publish a blog
    Content drafting
    MMB / Adwords
    TV ad production
    Video creation/production
    Cartoon creation/production
    Tutorial / online video creation/production
    Animation and video effects
    Sound design/music setting/ Jingles
    Radio ad production
    Post-production / Special effects
    Video captioning
    Stand for exposition
    Companies upload their briefing so creatives and designers can send their ideas and transform the project's necessity into an amazing logo design, an eye-catching packaging or a great ad idea! The best idea or design will be chosen among the dozens of final proposals that will be sent during the established time period. In this case, the company will choose the winner and complete the job with him
    Dozens of creatives and designers offer a price and a deadline according to the necessities that the company establishes in the briefing, in addition to indicating their experience and portfolio, plus their qualifications in the site, so that the company can choose who to carry the job out with. This decision will depend on the best offer of price + deadline + experience and portfolio + YWA qualifications. In this case the company will choose the winner and begins working with him.
    To see the available projects, you must enter our site, create an account for free and click on the “Browse projects” button, that will always be visible at the top of the site, which will take you to all the projects that are currently available.
    NO, every company, professional, freelancer, foundation or anyone who needs to develop creativity, design, art, planification, strategies, communication, advertising or marketing be a part of the YWA community.
    Once the company creates its free account, it can begin creating a project from its account, by clicking "Create project" on the menu on the left or clicking on the "Begin project" button that will always be visible on the top of the site. Once this is done, it can begin the creation in 4 simple steps:


    This step is fast, easy and really important: When you describe what your company is about and the type of design or creativity you need, you will be setting the questions needed for the next steps


    On this second stage you will have to answer some questions which will allow to identify the situation for your brand, your market and your consumers. This is needed to understand the scenario in which the relationship between the target and your product or service develops.


    In this third stage you define your need through a well elaborated brief for each type of creative job. It will include all the elements that serves as the framework for the creative process.


    In this last stage you will see the brief as the creatives will see it and is where you will set the price you are willing to pay and the scheule restrictions

    Creating a profile, creating a project, looking for projects and bidding on tenders and contests has no cost at all. IT'S FREE! However, a 15% fee on the company pay is charged whenever it accepts a proposal from a contest or it selects and initiates contact with a professional for a tender project.
    NO, any individual with a powerful idea, an excellent design or an outstanding strategy and who can solve an advertising communication necessity as requested in the community can participate.
    Creatives' abilities shown on their profiles are important, as companies want for those who can offer, find or be communicated about new projects to have certain abilities relevant to the project they want to conduct.
    YWA will offer an indicative value chart emerging as an average of previous offers. On the other hand, a minimum price will be settled according to the requested development. This seeks to keep a motivated community with great service quality and respect towards professional work.
    YWA is an open platform that has the objective to join companies communication necessities and creative proposals. Once the company has chosen the idea that best suits its needs, YWA will reveal the contact information of the provider/client so direct contact can be established and the idea can continue to be developed, and the parts can agree on a method of payment.
    YWA additionally offers a coaching or account manager service to help the company or professional to establish clearly their situation, determine their communication needs and according to that apply for a creative proposal in the platform. The account manager may also participate of the creative process if the company requests so.
    No, the company or professional will get the ultimate rights for the chosen idea once the accorded payment to the creative that came up with it in the first place is completed.
    Every company/professional or entity that registers on the platform will have to sign a legal document that compromises them not to use the ideas received as proposals in their entirety or its parts and will be susceptible to a penalty of law if they did so. Moreover, YWA will sanction the company by not letting it to ever work inside the community again.
    Legal action can must be started by the victim and YWA will act as witness during this process.
    No, the whole process is free until you receive ideas, designs or concepts form contests and until receiving proposals to carry out strategy, investigation, planification, etc, jobs.
    You will receive dozens of proposals without needing to pay until you make the decision of choosing the most convenient one.
    Only when you choose the creative proposal you like the most for your objective (Graphical, logo, or brochure design, etc) from a contest or when you choose the creative, designer or professional who, given his/her conditions (experience, abilities, reputation, portfolio, etc) you find perfect to get the tendering.
    In YESWEAD we implemented a number of security measures to keep your information safe every time you enter, send or access it. We use a safe server. All of the sensitive information is transmitted through Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology and is encrypted immediately in our database. Only those with specific authorisations to our systems will have access to it. Keeping that information confidential is demand from YESWEAD to all of its authorised personnel.
    The vendors directory has been created so companies that can find creative and design solutions within our platform can finish their product in the offline world. For example, when wrapping up a "Corporate stationery design" project, they can find printing offices near their cities so they can print the cards, envelopes, etc. Or, also, if when they finish their "Advertising and field action" project and they need all of the proposed elements they can find someone who can make the merchandising products, hire promoters or make the uniforms for the advertising team.
    Our clients will be able to fins all kind of vendors from de advertising and marketing communication industries, from a printing office to mass media producers from different countries and cities in the world.